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Batik Ying

Child of Sarong

Child of Sarong

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Inspired by the Street Art dotted around Birmingham, this piece is a recreation of Digbeth Street Art using traditional hand-drawn batik techniques of wax and paint. The piece features a girl wearing a batik sarong in the style of “si ayu”, meaning beautiful girl. The sarong has a strong symbolic significance in Malaysia, as it has been one of the most traditional garments for hundreds of years, and batik techniques are commonly used to make patterns on these sarongs.

In Birmingham, when walking along the canals, one of the most common (and most beautiful) flowers to see is the wild daffodil. You can see them blooming almost everywhere, especially in spring. In some ways, these tough and hardy wildflowers are a symbol of the UK.

Merging these two elements demonstrates a celebration of multiculturalism and diversity. The traditions and heritage of both countries are combined, each supporting the other.

This artpiece is made using traditional Malaysian batik technique with wax and painted with Procion MX dye on 100% cotton fabric. 

  • Dimension : 510 x 760 mm mounted on black frame
  • Date of original artwork creation : October 2023
  • Care Instruction : Keep your artwork dry and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • All original work comes with a certificate of authenticity

This piece will be shipped framed.  

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