Contemporary Batik Artist

Welcome to Batik Ying!

Discover the vibrant world of Contemporary Batik Artistry with our passionate creator, Shirlyn Low. Working out of her studio, Shirlyn's journey from Architect to Batik Artist is a tale of love and tradition.

Born and raised in Malaysia, she embraced the rich heritage of batik art, learning from skilled artisans and craftsmen across the country. Now, Shirlyn brings a fresh, contemporary twist to this timeless craft, drawing inspiration from the elegance of the art nouveau style.

In a world where the art of batik is gradually fading, Shirlyn Low is on a mission to rekindle the flame. Batik is not just an art form; it's a simple and unique creative process with limitless possibilities. Through her modern interpretation of this traditional craft, she aims to open the door to a broader audience and help them discover the enchantment of batik.

Shirlyn's dedication extends to hosting engaging batik workshops suitable for all ages and captivating demonstrations at various events throughout the UK. Her dream is to expand her reach further and introduce the beauty of batik to countless more enthusiasts. Join us on this exciting journey and let's explore the wonders of batik art together!