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Batik Ying

Batik DIY Kit - Bird of Paradise

Batik DIY Kit - Bird of Paradise

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Transform your home into a vibrant batik art studio with DIY kits! Enjoy lively and creative painting sessions with family and friends. Whether it's for parties, weekend activities, or simply pursuing a new hobby, our kits offer endless artistic excitement right at your fingertips.

DIY Batik Kit contains:
• 1x Pre-wax batik art mounted on 20cm diameter bamboo ring
• 5x Primary colour fabric dyes (Yellow, Red, Violet, Cyan and Navy Blue)
• 2x Watercolour brushes
• 1x Colour tray
• 1x Colour making instruction card

Disclaimer: Slight variations between kits will occur, as each is individually hand-drawn and mounted to its ring frame.

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